Pagan Pathways Temple is an organization comprised of many hardworking, dedicated individuals. We volunteer our time and energy because we believe in what we are building.

    Our visions for the future:
  • To provide a place for those who are just beginning on their path to gain knowledge and fellowship.
  • To provide a home for those who walk a path of enlightenment and the generations of those who follow.
  • To be a center point for fellowship and worship for all those who seek enlightenment, and thereby enlighten the world.

As we continue this project with the greatest of hopes, we must manifest our visions. To do so, we need all of your help.

We at the Temple understand everyone has personal struggles to contend with, one of the most common being finances. In order to create something of this magnitude, we must decide as a community to come together as one people.

We are building a home for us all. We need you to help us lay the foundations. Join us as we change the world.

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